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It's not uncommon to get asked many questions about automotive glass at BRi-MAC, so we've put together a short list with some of those more frequently asked questions.

The typical industry guideline is a chip larger than a quarter will require replacement. If your chip is smaller than a loonie it can likely be repaired.
Chips can quickly increase in size without any warning requiring a full windshield replacement, contact us today for a free evaluation.

Usually, the point of impact is the only visible portion and normally it’s slight enough that you don’t notice it unless you know where to look, however there is always a risk of a more visible imperfection afterwards.
These slight imperfections are fine as long as they do not occur within the Critical Viewing Area of the windshield.

You might be surprised that repairs are often much less costly than people think. Your repair may even be fully covered by your insurance company.
Replacement pricing varies on the type of auto glass your vehicle needs and if it is the windshield, side/door, or rear glass panel.
The best way to determine cost is to see one of our glass technician specialists for your free inspection.

In short? No.
Bonding only serves to strengthen and help keep the chip from expanding into a crack, but it is still a broken windshield; a repaired windshield will continue to have a weak point where the chip is located even after the resin is applied.

The Critical Viewing Area is the section of windshield located directly in front of the driver’s seat. Even the smallest of chips cannot be repaired within this area as blemishes and light refraction can cause visual disturbances to the driver.

While minimal, there is always the possibility that the repair will cause more damage due to the use of applied pressure on the windshield during the repair process. Our Trained Glass Technicians are able to spot high-risk chips and will be able to discuss the risks prior to repair or recommend full windshield replacement.

We specialize in all types of auto glass, this includes:
front/rear doors
front/rear vents
rear quarters
back windows
sun/moon roof

A popular misconception is that an auto glass claim will increase your insurance premiums, but this is not true. Automotive glass repair/replacement is included in comprehensive insurance packages and unlike a collision claim, will typically have no effect on your insurance premium since chips and cracks result in normal use of an automobile.

Of course we can. We work with all the major insurance companies and with just a few details from you, we will handle validating and processing your claim so you don’t have to.

If your insurance includes glass coverage, repairs can often be free.
If you’re looking at glass replacement, that will depend on the type of coverage you have. With your coverage information, we can verify yours for you. If you have a deductible fee, we can collect your deductible payment directly from you so you wont have to deal with your insurance company seperately.

We certainly do! Every job we do comes fully backed by BRi-MAC’s written guarantee.

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BRi-MAC has provided Barrie and the surrounding area with top quality automotive glass replacement and repair services on all vehicle makes and models for over 30 years. We understand the importance of both quality and safety when it comes to your vehicle, and how much auto glass plays a vital role in a vehicle’s overall performance.
Our team of auto glass specialists are highly trained and we only use top quality products, all backed by our BRi-MAC written guarantee. So contact us today, and find out why BRi-MAC continues to be Barrie’s first choice in automotive glass.

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